E-ticket information will be distributed during the Commencement Fair, taking place at the Popp Martin Student Union October 17 - 19, 2017.  E-ticket information will be posted on-line October 19, 2017.


McKnight Hall Remote Viewing
McKnight Hall is located in the Cone Center which is within walking distance from the Halton Arena (Barnhardt Student Activity Center).  Guests who do not have a ticket or would like a more spacious area, may sit in this theater-style room.  Guests may be dropped off and picked up at the Cone Center entrance on University Road.  Elevator access to McKnight Hall is available.  Guests who will need wheelchair assistance to enter McKnight Hall must bring their own wheelchair.  Wheelchairs are generally available for short-term rental from medical supply stores and some pharmacies.  Please click here for a campus map or you may pick one up at the Arena Ticket Office next to the Barnhardt Student Activity Center (SAC).

Popp Martin Student Union Movie Theater Remote Viewing
The movie theater is located on the 1st floor of the Popp Martin Student Union next to Outtakes Quick Cuisine.  Floor level seating is available but limited.  Guests do not need a ticket to enter the theater.

The ceremonies will be streamed on-line at http://livestream.uncc.edu.  Details will be posted on the Commencement website (http://commencement.uncc.edu). Adobe Flash Player will be needed to view the Commencement streaming. If Adobe Flash Player is not already on your computer, it is recommended that you install it before the Commencement ceremonies. 

Channel 22
For those in the Charlotte area, a live broadcast of each ceremony will be shown on Time Warner Cable – Channel 22 Mecklenburg.