NameCoach is a voice-recording technology that will assist ceremony leaders with the pronunciation of your name. 

You received an email from with instructions on how to voice-record your name and add a phonetic spelling to assist your ceremony leader.  Your ceremony leader may choose to add their own phonetic spelling to your ceremony name card.  Please do not edit the phonetic spelling on your name card.

Think about what would be the easiest way to explain how to pronounce your name. For example, if your surname is "Green," you can write "Green like the color." Other examples of words and their phonetic spellings are:  easy ('ee-zee), alphabet ('al-fuh-bet).

The deadline to record your name and add a phonetic spelling is Monday, November 11.

Troubleshooting Your Recording

Though NameCoach strives to make the recording process as smooth as possible, occasionally it may be necessary to do some troubleshooting to complete your name pronunciation recording. Some previously reported issues -- along with their solutions -- can be found below divided by recording option.

Web Recorder

The most common problems people have encountered when using the web recorder are microphone related.  After clicking 'Record' your browser will prompt you to see if '' can use your microphone.  After clicking 'Allow' the recorder will begin to countdown to record your name pronunciation.


After authorizing the browser to use your microphone and making the recording, you can play back the recording to make sure it's to your liking and correctly captures your name pronunciation.  Occasionally, users will attempt to playback their recording and find that it contains only silence.  This generally indicates that the microphone is turned off or muted on the device you are using to record.  Usually, this can be remedied by going into your device's sound settings and re-enabling the microphone.

Phone Recorder

Occasionally when using the phone recorder option, students have found that a call to record their name has gone to their voicemail.  This is generally a cell network issue, not a problem with the phone option itself.  In cases like this, our system will attempt to call a couple more times in the next ten minutes.  On the off chance you don't receive any of these calls you can simply reload your invitation to record by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R on any desktop or laptop browser.  This will clear out your invitation to record allowing you to input your number in the phone recording area and try again. 

If none of these solutions solve the issue you're experiencing, please don't hesitate to contact NameCoach at